Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good soup and family time

Mmmm, Husband and I just made his favorite meal: Celery Soup and All Bran Muffins. We both have full and happy tummies now! The only problem I have with it is watching the pile of dirty dishes double in size!

Yesterday we spent 3 1/2 hours at Husband's parents house. We brought his brother along as we both had things to discuss with the mother in law. It was fun to just hang out over there. Said brother is getting married in 3 weeks, so we were all discussing the planning of that. We also discussed who's coming for the wedding and not Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving will be a little bit empty this year, without the 2 older brothers, but they will be down for the wedding.

Husband and his brother made up a song or two as they waited for me to talk to MIL.

Saw a pretty kitty in the yard yesterday on my way to mail. I had to go back inside and grab my camera. I got a few shots and then it ran away from me.
Not much else is happening, but I figured that I would check in and say hello to everyone.