Friday, December 19, 2008

An emotionally eventful day

C came and brought me this single rose while he was on his lunch break :) The three ladies I work with were giggling away about it. But it was sweet. No reason, just he wanted to.

Today was emotionally draining for a while. We found out that my coworker's son apprently committed 2 breakins this summer around town, and possibly is connected to many more. He's in jail right now, and the whole family is coping. It's a very long and drawn out story, but suffice to say, everyone is hurting and in shock. He could be in jail for up to 5 years. If you all could pray for him and his family (he has 4 kids, as well) that would be wonderful.

Third thing. C took me to work this morning and I mistakenly grabbed the bag he takes and left my purse in his car. By the time I realized it, he had driven off. Said coworker let me borrow her car to go to C's work (a 2 minute drive, max) to retrieve my purse. C had brought it inside and as soon as I walked up and exchanged bags, his coworkers were like, "Ahh, so much better now!" :) And then I went to work.