Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Registered for Spring Semester 09

I just registered for my spring classes. I've been on the fence about what to do in the spring. I didn't want to take 4, I just wanted to take 2. I finally emailed my advisor this morning and he sent me a sheet of everything I need to take. He also told me that the Accounting class I am in right now is the hardest part of the Accounting degree. Phew. I was getting concerned! So, I registered, and am on the wait list for one class. These classes will be semi easier, the first two will be the hardest. I am definitely more relieved that I have classes nailed down and they are less difficult. I'm only taking 2 300 level ones this semester, instead of 3 and a 400 one.

- Accounting 312: Intermediate Accounting 2 - The second half of the class I am in now
- Economics 202: Microeconomics - I took the first half of this class like a year and a half ago..must have been Spring 07. It was from my favorite professor, but I still didn't care for Econ. This will be harder, cause it's online...Good thing I just figured out that one of C's online friends is an Econ major!!
- BA 315: Personal Finance - I wanted to take this class at the college here in town, but it's only the 100 level one. I'm interested in this one, but it is one that is actually scheduled, so I have to be at home at a certain time on 2 days a week. It's only for and hour and 15 minutes, though.
- Accounting 222: Computer Automated Accounting - Not sure what this means. I am assuming it's like a Quickbooks or Peachtree class. Whatever it turns out to be, it will probably be fairly easy, as I get computers. This is the class I am on the waitlist for. So it's hard to say if I will get in.
I'm also looking at another computer class - CIOS 235 "Spreadsheet Concepts and Applications." It sounds kind of dull, but I use Excel a lot, so it will be helpful. I'll shoot for that one if I can't get into 222.

In other school news, all I have left to do is an essay test and a discussion board post!! I'll work on them tomorrow and hopefully be finished!!