Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I love gracious professors!

I got up bright and early and headed to the college to take an Accounting final. I was not smart and grabbed the wrong calculator. I ended up not being able to do about 13 time value problems. I did some by hand, but I wasn't sure they were correct. I wrote a note saying I forgot the calculator and left.

C and I went on a much needed "date" for lunch. We went to our favorite Chinese buffet. They always have a TV on, usually playing a Korean movie. It's kind of obnoxious, but we started watching it today. The volume was really low so we couldn't hear what was said. The movie was about a little boy who became the emperor or something but the whole movie was just really random, and we ended up laughing at it a lot. There's no importance to noting this, just a random part of our day.

We got our groceries, then checked the mail. I got a huge print order in from Snapfish, so I was thumbing through them when the phone rang. It was my professor in Juneau. He told me to go back the college, and bring the right calculator and he would let me do those problems over! He called it his Christmas present :) On some of the ones that I had done by hand, I got the same answer as on the calculator, so I am grateful for that. But anyway, the more and more I get to know this professor, I really like and appreciate him. It's good, because he's my advisor!
Anyway, just wanted to share my happiness.

I have 3 more assignments left to do - 1 final, 1 discussion board thing, and a paper left. And then I'm home free!