Wednesday, December 3, 2008

After School To Do List

I have a week and a half left until my classes are done and I already have a length to do list written out:

- Scrapbook - my college graduation , B's Wedding, G&S's Wedding, random summer pictures.

- Burn picture CDs - Every year I burn a CD of all of the photos I took that year. I also take a lot of videos, and I will have at least 2 of those. This task will have to wait until after January 1. But in the meantime, I will go through the pictures, and edit the ones that are left, and also go through the videos and condense.

- Play games - I'd like to play some more Phantom Hourglass (Zelda) Definitely a priority! :P While not exactly a useful activity, or good time management, there are days where playing games just hits the spot.

- Read - Every time a semester is finished, I devour novels. I only get to really do it twice a year nowadays, so I read as much as possible!

- Organize my Bookmarks - Whenever I find something I'd like to keep the link of, it goes in my bookmarks folder...without me organizing it. It makes C crazy. I organize it like once a month, but it's a little time consuming. I will be condensing it and getting rid of links after December 14th.

- Read it Later - Similar to the Bookmarks task. This add-on to Firefox saves links you want to "read later". I use this all the time, if I find something interesting, that I don't want to take the time to read right then. I have 22 pages of 9 links each right now. I desperately need to go through those and clean it out. When this task and the above one are finished, expect a large Link Love post!

- Alaska Airlines - Call and change my name with them, and also gain access to my account. I have tried countless times, and my account is tied up with my parents'. I can't add my account to my Safeway card until I can set up mine separate from theirs. I would just start another account, but I have 18000 miles that I don't want to waste!

- Health Insurance - C and I need to send in some paperwork about our marriage. MUST do this one!

- Hotel Night - C and I will be going to the local really nice hotel sometime soon. I need to book a night and then we will do it! I want us to have dinner there, and breakfast too. The hotel has very good food, just expensive, and it is out of the way.

- Christmas letter - Getting the Christmas letter and card yesterday from my aunt's made me realize I should reciprocate. We'll see if it happens!

- Organize my "Downloads" folder - Another catch all of photos, music, installations and files. Basically, I just need to take a day and completely organize my computer's filing system!!

- Shopping? - I'd love to do some more Christmas shopping out of town. We'll have to see. I don't know if it's going to happen.

I'll revisit this post later in the month to see my progress!