Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas is so soon!

Why is it that once Thanksgiving is over that Christmas seems to come right away? Christmas always seems far away to me before Turkey Day, and I usually have some of my shopping done early. And then Thanksgiving comes and goes and I suddenly find myself scrambling to come up with presents and get ready for the holidays. I think for me it must be the sudden emphasis on school, to finish and once I am done and can breath again, Christmas is right in my face. I would ask if anyone else feels this way, but I know everyone pretty much does...anyone not feel that Christmas suddenly rushes in?
I have nearly 2 pages written of my 10 page paper....not exactly stellar progress. I'm still doing a lot of research on my topic though. It's hard to write a lot when I don't understand the ins and outs yet. I'm hoping that once I have read some more it will naturally just flow and come together!
For several months now, I have been taking surveys for points and cash. And a lot of the time, they ask for your zip code and state, and then proceed to ask all kinds of questions about something that I have little knowledge of! I took a survey this morning about fast food restaurants. McD's and Subway I could answer...Quizno's? Wendy's? Yea, no, Anchorage! I even said that at one point, "No, I have not seen the latest deal there, it's 200 miles away!" It was kind of depressing, but you would think they would immediately check the zipcode and disqualify me or something. I am not the best person to answer the questions...not that I don't like the incentive!

Back to work!