Thursday, December 18, 2008

New car? Sugar Free?

Tuesday we went to lunch with one of C's buddies. Subway it was, then we went grocery shopping with him. Fun fun!

Today we went to McD's with our favorite redhead and her BF. Had a fun time and then C had to go back to work. I went up to her house and played Mario Kart for the Wii....I am not good in the least!!

C accidentally bought sugar free ice cream the other day. From my experience at work, sugar free is not good in the least. Basically, they leave out the sugar, but add in more fat to sweeten it. Sweeteners are bad and if a lot is eaten, it can have a laxative effect on the I'm not so sure about this ice cream. The ingredients are full of the culprits, and there is even a warning on the side saying "excessive consumption may have a laxative effect." How much is too much?? It's ice cream! The whole point is to have a lot! Needless to say, I am wary of it!

My car has not wanted to start the past few days. Even when it's plugged in! And it's not even cold (25 degrees) Now, before you say anything about the battery or what not, my dad is a mechanic and will likely look at it the next time he comes to town. I have fought with the car many times when it gets cold and I am sick of it. C will take me to work early in the morning. But anyway, long story short, I am looking for another car at this point. This one has served a good purpose at a great price ($1000) but I need reliability since I am no longer living with my dad. If anyone knows of someone selling a good car in my area, please let me know!

I think that's the last of my adventures for now!