Monday, December 22, 2008

Gaining Daylight!

I'm not sure that I have ever stated how much I LOVE winter solstice. Why rejoice over the shortest day of the year? We are now regaining daylight!! It seriously makes me nearly giddy when I think about it. I hate going to work in the dark and leaving in the dark as well. The dark depresses me. Sunsets are so early. I was running around work today with my camera in my apron pocket, taking pictures of the sunset. At 4pm. I can't wait for a couple of more weeks to go by. Then I will notice a difference and rejoice. In the same way, just opposite, summer solstice depresses me. It means that winter is coming, if not for months. Anyway. Here are some photos I took today. It snowed a bit today and the trees looked amazing.

We are baking a pumpkin pie in the oven as I write this. No special reason, we just want one all to ourselves over Christmas. We will share with our houseguests (if we have any!) though! C and I both are off for the next 3 days from work and it feels really nice to get to relax and enjoy it.

Two friends are engaged as of yesterday! Congrats Rob and Jo! I'm excited for their tentative summer wedding!

I brought home some chocolate for C from work today. Except he doesn't know it. :P I put it on a plate and put foil over it. I'm waiting to see how long it takes him to notice it.
Anyway. I have all of my presents wrapped!! It feels good! I have been working on making a spreadsheet of everything I buy for everyone, and the costs of it all. This way I don't accidentally buy the same thing next year. And I will also know how much $ to budget for next Christmas as well. I feel like it's a smart thing to do.
I have yet to do my Christmas letter yet. I should probably get on with it. Maybe I'll do it tonight...

My dad put a different battery in my car yesterday. It started up for me last night. But I haven't had a chance to drive it yet. That's my goal for tomorrow.

We're going to see "Bolt" tomorrow with some friends. Hopefully it will be cute. I don't know anything about it!

Just found out my favorite brother in law is coming down tomorrow for Christmas and will be staying till Saturday. It's always fun to hang out with him. And another bro in law's ex wife is coming too, with their daughter. It will be great to see them too!

I'll probably write tomorrow about our adventures. Until then!