Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goals

Everyone's doing it!

2009 Goals
Retirement: Maybe C and I will actually look into it this year.

: C and I have been plugging along here. We want to get our savings to a comfortable place so we can take a vacation, have money on hand for another car, and beef up our downpayment amount.

Career and School
Career: I'm still going for an Accounting degree, for better or worse. C is still plugging along at his hardware store. He'd love to have Sundays off, but as it stands, it isn't possible right now. Eventually he wants a different job, but the benefits are good for this one.

: I have 4 semesters left. I really don't want to keep going at this moment, but I have to. SO on to the next 4 classes in about a week. :(

  • Actually hang out with friends more.
  • Hopefully go on a vacation, to see family and just a vacation.
  • Take more trips to Anchorage, and fun trips in general.
  • I'd like to work less. Though I can't see how that could be possible!
  • Hopefully enjoy the winter for once!
That pretty much sums up my goals. Rather scattered, with no concrete plans for getting them done, but what can you do?