Friday, January 23, 2009

Command Hooks Rock!

This weekend, C and I will be hanging out at his parents' house, "babysitting" the 3 youngest...though it's only the 9 year old that really needs watching. We're heading over there tonight and then coming back Sunday night.

Tonight I'm going to a girls only event. Dannah Gresh is speaking at the theater, and so everyone I know practically is going. My mom and I are making a date of it. It should be really interesting.

I have started to adore Command hooks. So much so that the last time I bought some from C's work, I wiped out their supply of my favorite ones. C didn't know when they would get some more, so I decided to look online. It turned out that Amazon had a great deal on them, so I bought 9 hooks to start off with. I combined it with something else and got free shipping. And they came today! So I set to work. I'm still waiting for the hour to be up so I can put my frames up. Soon I think I will start a series of posts on what our apartment looks like. Or at least our decor. It took a while before we actually had any, but now I'm proud of it.

I've gotten quite a bit of homework done this week so far, which I am proud of. However, in this schedule for the semester, there isn't really a day that I can just play, unless it's Friday. And unfortunately, it's not happening today! I'm trying to get a bit more studying done before our babysitting starts. It's impossible to concentrate over there sometimes.

Now it's time for me to get moving and start packing things up! Have a good weekend everyone!

Blog updates: I updated the Links page and also added in a "Currently" sidebar, to show what I'm reading at the moment and such. Just FYI!