Saturday, January 17, 2009

More daylight!

Today was the first day I noticed how much daylight we have gained. When I left work at 5:15, it was still light out. It's the time of day when you need headlights on so others can see you, but you can see just fine. Plus, it was sunny most of the day, and in the low 40s. My coworker and I stood outside, basking in the warmth, thinking it felt like a day in April. It was a glorious feeling! I can't wait!

Picked up my car today (yay!) C drove me there and had lunch with me afterwards. The mechanic wasn't sure what the problem was yet. He had theories, but the main issue is that as soon as I took it in, the weather got warm, so the car started just fine. *Rolls eyes* He wants me to bring it back once the cold hits again (supposed to be soon).

C convinced me to do some work on the website he works at. It took me a bit to understand their templates that they work with and stuff. Once I figured it out, I couldn't make a simple table function correctly. I got sick of dealing with it (tired and hungry at the time) so I became cranky and gave up for a time. I'll try to rework on my project soon. I'd love to contribute to the site, but I just don't have the time nor the willpower to devote a huge chunk of energy to it right now.

Time for me to make some more food!