Thursday, January 15, 2009

To Do List recap

Before last semester was over, I made a to do list of things I wanted to do during Christmas break. I'm finally reviewing that list, now that the new semester has started. Here it is.

- Scrapbook - I did quite a bit of scrapbooking. I made a lot of progress, and am finished with all of the summer events. That was the majority of what I was behind on.

- Burn picture CDs - I burned the CDs last night. I haven't gone through all of the videos I took last year yet, though. My sound is not working right now, so I can't complete it yet. I have to pick through the hundreds I had not gone through yet and decide which ones to keep. Then I will burn them to a DVD.

- Play games - I did play games over break. Nice diversion!

- Read - I read quite a bit this break. Most notably the Twilight series.

- Organize my Bookmarks - I did this several times. It's manageable right now.

- Read it Later - I went through several pages of these. I'm down to 19 pages of these, instead of about 30 when I started.

- Alaska Airlines - Never did this one. Completely forgot about it.

- Health Insurance - Ditto ^ ^

- Hotel Night - It didn't happen yet. The hotel's phone was not working when I had a day to be calling them. And after that, it was not a convenient weekend for us. Disappointing, but we'll squeeze it in sometime.

- Christmas letter - I never wrote a letter. I started it, but just didn't have the ambition to write one. But I did send out cards!

- Organize my "Downloads" folder - Never did this.

- Shopping? - I never got out of town. The weather turned bad so that I really didn't want to. But I did do a bit much in town here. Probably a bad thing!

Well, looking at my list this way, I really didn't accomplish much this break. But really, I scrapbooked, read a ton, and cleaned a lot. And I hung out with several friends. I think the vacation was worthwhile, if a bit short.