Friday, January 9, 2009

Post Twilight Obsession

I'm back to the land of the living now! I finished the last Twilight book today. It took a week and a day, but technically, I did not have any books to read for over 2 days, so it only took about 6 days to read the series. Now that I officially feel like an obsessed fangirl, I'll give everyone an update on what has happened in the last week.
Friday night, a week ago, C and I went to our red haired friend's house and had dinner there and watched Iron Man. Twas fun.

Sunday, had lunch with my mom. Dad was sick, so it was just us. Saw an old friend at lunch who I haven't seen in forever. Went to the used bookstore in town which had the first Twilight book and another book by the same author.

Monday - Inventory day at work. Slaved away, then all four of us working had chili my boss made upstairs. Delicious food and the end of work later, I went to the bookstore (after calling) and picked up the 2nd and 3rd Twilight books that they amazingly had in stock. Too much money later, I went home happily.
Small group was interesting. Our leaders decided to officially make our group a married couples group. We might be switching nights. But it will be cool to get a different type of teaching now. I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday - More inventory at work. I got to leave an hour early. C and I had dinner and then he went to hang out with a friend. It turned out really well, as I read my book the whole time he was gone.

Wednesday - More reading. C played for the worship band at youth group, so we went early. I of course, brought my book along. Not too long after I started reading on a couch, a girl who I had never talked to before flounced in and sat on the next couch and started talking to me. I immediately noticed her Twilight shirt, but said nothing until she asked me what I was reading. It led into this conversation about how she has read book 3 8 times, seen the movie 4 times, and the section I was in was amazing and she wanted the page number so she could reread it at home. There was more than that, but I had seen enough. I'm so glad that I have moved on from say, my Lord of the Rings obsession. I know I was bad, but not that bad. But I'm just reading these books, and ploughing through them. Not obsessive. I felt bad for the girl, though. She was kinda desperate for attention, but I wasn't in the mood to give it to her at that moment.

Thursday - After 5, two friends picked me up for a girls night. We ate pizza and cookie dough ice cream while watching the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (scary and predictable!) Not sure why they rented it, but we all knew it would be awful going into it. Wasn't a good chick flick, but we had fun laughing at the characters.
Today - Sat around the apartment until I finished book 4. Now I can do other things with my life! My goal was to finish them as soon as I could before school. And I did. I went for a walk to get the mail today. The temperature is actually above 0 today! It's been really cold for about 2 weeks now. I took quite a few pictures while I was out. The sun was setting, so the trees looked pretty cool.

This one is of the moose tracks that I saw this morning in our backyard. I thought it was amusing that it veered away so obviously from the caged trees.