Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Beach Hour

I have been dying to go to the beach with C for a very long time. Of course, it hasn't either been convenient when the weather is nice on his days off, or the weather is terrible. So today, I drug him to the beach, a cloudless, sunny day of 30 degrees. We went to our favorite beach with sea glass. I ended up with 6 pieces of it!
We showed up at a good time when the sun was low that our shadows were huge. Took several silhouetted pictures. And several with our shadows. One photo, with my arms raised, had my shadow all the way across the tide pool...which was quite a few feet away. (Not sure how much...over 20 feet for sure) We, of course, had fun with the shadows.
The tide was out really far, so we were able to walk a long ways. I don't think we've ever walked as far as we did today. There are tide markers from driftwood in lines down the beach, and we walked as far as we could towards the fifth row.

Yet again, the weather felt warm and almost springish. It was cold, yes, but we were bundled up. Not seeing snow and seeing a lot of sunshine made it easy to forget that it was January.

My mom came to town today for a haircut, so she stopped in for a bit and I got to show her some recent additions to our picture walls. She got to see our place relatively clean!

Last night at small group (remember, it's a couples group now) we played a horrible game. Or rather, it was fun, but horrible for C and I. It was a "how well do you know your spouse" game. Now, one thing needs to be said. C is very picky about things that he likes, but he doesn't usually have favorites. He has preferences, but nothing really absolutely favorite. And he freely admits it, and also freely admits that he couldn't come up with some answers for himself. Thus, these types of games are impossible! Here are the questions we were asked:
  1. Favorite "comfort" food: The only one I was sure about - Celery Soup and All Bran Muffins
  2. Favorite movie: Doesn't have one. Doesn't care either :P
  3. Favorite color: Blue now. Used to be green. I got this right
  4. Favorite book of the Bible: I didn't know and neither did he.
  5. Favorite day of the week: I said Tuesday, since that is our Saturday, but no, he said Sunday, because it's church day....but he isn't going to church right now from work. *shrug* Impossible! :)
  6. Color of spouse's toothbrush: This I could answer, green and pink.
  7. Favorite musical group: He has several he prefers, but he never listens to the same thing for long, and tends to get sick of certain songs easily, so he really doesn't have a favorite. The closest would be a genre of DDR songs and other techno songs.
  8. Dream vacation destination: He could care less. He hates to travel. And has no ambition to see anything.
  9. Favorite season of the year: Used to like winter until he had to scrape a car. Now it's summer, he guesses. He doesn't like to go outside, so again, he really couldn't care.
  10. Least favorite household chore: And unfortunately, we'd never talked about it, so I completely bombed this one. I said the dishes, since he had to do them all the time at his parents' house and doesn't particularly like to do them. But when he's doing them, he doesn't really mind at all. So I honestly didn't know. And it turns out, that he'd been avoiding telling me that he hates to clean showers and bathtubs. Which is what I'd been taking care of here and he didn't want me to stop doing it. HA.
So, obviously, that game backfired for us. Pretty much, I knew the majority of his answers of "No preference" but that doesn't work for a specifics game like that! It was rather depressing, but everyone got a good laugh out of it, so it's all good. But I really hope we don't play any more games like that anytime soon!