Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ready to go home

I am so ready to be back home!

Friday night, went to see Dannah Gresh. It was a really amazing time. She was a fabulous speaker and made a good impact on everyone there. 

Came to the in laws afterwards and am sick of being here. It's very chaotic most of the time, with lots of extra kids around. Not so right now, thankfulluy. C and I have to stay here until his parents come home. Which is supposed to be after 10.  

Saturday, I woke up and was eating breakfast when we had another earthquake. It shook pretty good and then it got a whole lot harder. I actually thought we might be having the "big one" because it kept going and getting harder. The shaking lasted quite a while. My boss called soon after to see if I could go into work early to make sure nothing had broken. Nothing had, and only a box of candy fell off a shelf, which is amazing. It measured 5.7, but was only 50 miles from us. I guess it made national news, which doesn't usually happen. It wasn't THAT big of a deal. Everyone in town was talking about it, of course. I didn't think about our apartment though. I went home today and it had been hit hard. I'm glad I wasn't there. C's computer desk hutch is not attached to the desk itself, so it had slid off his desk an inch so one side was sloped against the wall, treacherously. And several picture frames fell off a bookcase. One broke that I saw so far. All the pictures on the wall were crooked. Some things from my dresser in the bedroom fell down. That's all that I noticed, but it's the worst that I've heard about so far. 

Left work at 2 for a baby shower. It was fun. Nothing too noteworthy to note, it was just fun and enjoyable. 

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I felt bad that I didn't get to spend time with her then, but she did come to the Dannah Gresh thing and I got to hang out with her today. Happy birthday again, Mom!

Today the church had a chili cook off, and there were 14 different kinds of chili there. I tried 2 kinds. Definitely liked one more than the other. I stuck with the mild :P

Ran into my favorite professor at the store. I haven't seen him since college graduation last May. It was good to give him and update and see what he's up to.

Then I went home with my groceries and found that our landlord had put in our new washing machine! I don't think I mentioned it, but our washer was making an awful racket when spinning. It sounded very violent and was getting worse. Our landlord figured out what the problem was and decided it would be better to buy a whole new machine. And then it came yesterday, and they called us twice to let us know that he was going to install it, but of course we weren't there. When I got there today I saw the new machine and called them right away. So that's exciting!

Mom called me with bad news today. One of my California cousins, I think he's 17 or 18, was in a car accident last night. He was with 3 others and he was the most badly hurt. They medevaced him to a University hospital. He fractured his femur, did something to his elbow, and had head injuries. I'm not really sure what else. I can't remember the details really. But he's in bad shape. If you all could please please pray for my cousin Sam, and my whole family, that would be awesome. I really appreciate it.

So now we're just waiting a few more hours until we can go home!!!