Friday, January 16, 2009

I love the weather...

The weather is so outrageous right now. Anchorage apparently has been hit really bad with the ice. Schools, even UAA shutdown for 2 and 3 days. Wednesday night, our window was leaking from the rain being blown into it by the wind. We caught the water in a vase. We left it there yesterday without thinking about it...and this morning, we woke up to the pounding rain again. *sigh* The lights have flickered horribly all morning. Nearly all the snow is gone from my backyard, and I can see all of the grass from underneath. But there are also huge puddles in the yard too. Yick.

C just called and told me he might be coming home from work. It's very slow there, and I imagine the weather is not helping. It'll be nice to have him here. I can't find a good flashlight, but he has one with him. I also still don't have my car, so I couldn't leave if I wanted or needed to.

I love how we are practically having a heat wave right now. Anchorage could have up to 50 degree weather: "The high temperature in Anchorage today is forecast to be upper 30s to lower 50s, the Weather Service said." Unreal. This is January! It's even more unbelievable since we were belwo zero last week. Ironic how now the Lower 48 is getting the freezing temperatures. I just read this article about it and how people can't really handle the cold. I dunno, maybe I'm just used to it, but they all seemed like sissies :P Then again, I would imagine that it really is quite a bit colder down there since it can be a lot more humid. That article had a funny comment to make about us up here, though:

"Anyone wanting to keep warm should head to southern California, said CNN forecaster Marciano.
"They've been breaking records on the high side," he said, adding that there's also "record-breaking warmth in Alaska."
Go figure."

Yep, funny how that works, eh?