Sunday, January 18, 2009

High School 411

I have always looked back to see who in my high school class is now married, or has kids (or both). No one so far has died, which is good :P But I'd never sat down with my yearbook and counted. From my senior year yearbook (2.5 years ago) 11 people are married (including me) and 8 of them, all of them married except one, have kids. This is out of under 100 kids. Now here's another thing, I went on to the next class down. Only 5 people are married in that class! 2 couples are engaged that I know of. And only 3 have kids. How unbelievable. And most of my class was right after high school, which is even more unbelievable.

I looked through the rest of the book, reading names and faces. Amazing how many people you forget. Quite a few I couldn't even remember, which was a little sad. I've seen a bunch of my classmates since graduation, usually at work. But then there are a few that I literally have not seen since then. Amazing to think that in another 2.5 years, that number above could double or triple. *Shakes head* I really hope someone plans a reunion so I can go. Not that I had affection for most of my classmates. But it'd be fun to see how they all turned out!

*Edit* Thought of another couple in my class that married each other and have 2 kids!