Monday, January 12, 2009

Heatwave in January!

Saturday night I went gungho about putting pictures on the wall. C bought me more hooks from his work, so I put 8 photos and 1 piece of art on the walls. Now the apartment looks a lot more decorated. It was pretty sparse before.

We are potentially looking into buying another car. We're going to be getting my car looked at this week to hopefully determine the problem of starting. But we have money for another car, and have been researching some in Anchorage, so it's really a matter of time.

Hung out with my favorite Redhead today. It was 25 degrees today! And seriously, after below 0 the past 2 or 3 weeks, it really felt warm today. The beach was amazingly calm and not windy. There was ice and ice chunks everywhere. The tide was a little bit high, and instead of sand, there was all ice at the bottom. The water looked amazingly blue and clear compared to what it usually looks like! We had a fun time walking the beach until our feet got cold. Then it felt like 25 degrees again!
Today is the first day of school. I haven't sat down and looked at what I need to do yet. I'm obviously putting it off as long as possible =P It will be a tomorrow project!