Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Starting classes

Now it's pouring rain outside, and the snow is melting like crazy, and apparently we have a flood warning until Friday afternoon. It's super windy out there as well. We're venturing out soon to go to the car shop about my car. Not looking forward to the roads tonight for youth group...

Started my classes yesterday. I had one where I have to attend an online video broadcast thing. The teacher is nice, but kinda weird :P It's a personal finance class, so I'm pretty bored already, due to having business knowledge from my other classes, personal experience, and reading a whole bunch of PF blogs all summer. It will be helpful, but I hope I can learn a bunch. At one point, the teacher asked the distance students to get on the messaging system and send him a message that we could hear him. So I sent him a short "Hi!" right away, and of course, he picks mine to show the class, going off about it (How I'm Michelle S from ____, and saying "Hi!" etc) and showing my message on the screen. *shakes head* I have 2 classes from that professor, so it should be interesting and confusing.

Not much else has happened since I last posted. I put away the Christmas decorations last night. Definitely not as fun to put them away!