Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend Photos

Well, C called me at lunchtime to tell me he forgot his lunch this morning. So I took him to lunch at a restaurant we haven't been to in a while. It was a nice lunchtime :) I came home and made brownies with Andes, and cleaned a bunch. Then we went to small group and they sang happy birthday, and gave him a card. And then Matt showed up with a bar of soap. He set it on the ground and told C to jump over it..."Now you've been bar hopping on your 21st birthday ^-^" Haha. I took a movie of it, but didn't get a photo.

We started a video series for our small group tonight. It's called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" and it was actually very funny and insightful. I think we were all impressed with it. We're looking forward to next week!

Ok, here's a whole bunch of photos from the past weekend and today.
Dannah Gresh on Friday night

C is making me a bookshelf. While we were at the in laws' house, he worked on it and enlisted the help of his brother and his friends.

The cake for the baby shower. Tracy had fun with it :)

The computer desk hutch after the earthquake. The far end is off the desk.
Me, Nathan and Lily the cat this weekend.

C and Nathan

The caged tree today. We got new snow yesterday and it all looked pretty.

I bought C this "Rose Opulence" bouquet today. And these are the Andes + brownies that I made today. Very yummy!
Here we are at the restaurant for lunch. And at small group after blowing out his candles.