Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tuesday on the Spit

Tuesday evening, C and I went out to the Spit for a while. On the way out, I looked over and saw an otter in the Inlet. I pulled over and started shooting away. He was close to the road, but not close enough for a great shot. Ah well, I tried :)

We spent a half hour at the harbor.

Seagulls are pretty obnoxious, but the ones at the harbor were not as afraid of humans, so I was able to get some close up shots of them.

This one's bill has a strange red spot on it!

Before we came home for the evening, we went to Mariner Park. There was this old car part on the beach, covered in barnacles. I think it turned out pretty cool! This is another shot I may have to put on my wall. I have some 8x10 frames that I could use and make a wall of miscellaneous things - like the rusty hook!