Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 2

May 1
We woke up early on this Friday. BIL1 did not. I finally got C to wake him up around 10ish. We went to a hole in the wall place for breakfast. While we were there, who appears but a whole family that we know from our town. That was pretty exciting to see them.

BIL1 took us to the airport soon after. The lady at the baggage check in asked us both if we were over 18. *Shakes head*

We got into the gate with no problem, and started the wait for our flight. I ate some Quiznos soup before we boarded.

The flight to Honolulu was 6 hours. I wanted to read the book that C was reading, so I had to wait until he finished it, which happened after hour 3.

It was a pretty boring ride, but we had some fun flight attendants who kept us slightly entertained.

When we got there, and were taxiing to the gate, I looked out over the landscape and said without thinking, "Wow, how awesome that they have mountains they can see from the airport!" At which point, I pretty much smacked can see the mountains from anywhere here :P

But anyway, the airport has an outside walkway thing that you go through to get to the baggage claim, and C and I were amazed to see plants and trees inside the airport.

We managed to find our shuttle bus quickly to get to our hotel, and hopped on for the ride. We were pretty enthralled by all of the places we saw. The sun was setting as we drove through town.

Our hotel was a really dingy place, and we were a bit...traumatized at first. The shower rod fell down on C that night. But the location could not be beat - 2 blocks from Kuhio Beach. It turned out to be a fine little place, but it wasn't at first :P

On our way out the door after dumping off our stuff, we met an older gentleman who had been living at our hotel for 2 months. He gave us some tips and such. It was fun to talk to him, and then we were on our way. We stopped at Subway for a quick sandwich and ate it on the beach in the dark. We had heard the rumors that the Hilton down the beach did fireworks every Friday night. We managed to see just a few before we got sat down. I wanted to take photos, but it did not happen that night.

We were just so excited to be there, on the beach, without coats or sweaters, after dark!

We played with the sand a bit, and then headed back, ready to go to sleep.