Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 3 - Part 2

May 2 continued
On to the zoo!

Yet again, paid an arm and a leg to get in (better than the aquarium) but it was much more worth our money. We walked and walked and walked through this place. A very nice zoo.

There were peacocks running around wild there, so we had to get our pictures taken with them :P

Me with the elephant statue :) After we were finished in the zoo, we went back to the hotel to sit still for a while. We had been walking all morning and our feet hurt.

After a bit, we walked down the street a ways to the Waikiki Library to see if we could use the internet. No luck, all the computers were taken. But we did get a bus route of Waikiki, which proved useful! We went to dinner at "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and then sat on the beach for the sunset.

C ended up playing with two little boys who helped him make balls out of sand. It was fun to watch them make a new friend. The sunset was ok, but could have left a more colorful sky :P

We walked back to our hotel in the dark about an hour after sunset (never wearing a jacket, mind you [glorious!]) and crashed into bed. Our feet hurt very badly!