Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 1

April 30
Thursday started off beautifully, if a bit apprehensively. C had to work, and we didn't know when he would get off. We wanted to to leave earlier than 7 if possible, as we had to drive up the highway that night. C called me about 1pm saying he would be getting off soon. By 3:45, we finally hit the road. Armed with two cameras, we stopped fairly often for a break and to shoot.

I drove all but 20 miles of the 220 mile journey. I like to drive the highways and have done it much more than C. He got to read a book, which made him happy.

We crashed at BIL1's place at 9pm. He showed us his new iphone. We all stayed up really late that night, which was a mistake! But it was still fun.

BIL1 is my favorite of C's brothers, I think. He likes to tease and harass, but he's also fun to talk to. I am not one who can think of good punchlines quickly, but for some reason, with this brother, I can think of them really fast, so it makes it fun.

Anyway, Day 1 was finished, with little fanfare. Not much to say about the trip up (which is a good thing!)

Day 2 is coming next!