Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Big Fire

I never did post about the big fire that was around here 2 weeks ago. A powerline caught the dead grass on fire and it just spread like crazy. It was located near my brother's house and all of his wife's relatives. It was pretty scary for a few days, but it is 100% contained now and just fine. But I did take some photos when I was at my niece's graduation on the 19th. Here are the best that turned out.

It was intriguing to see green and red on the trees, and sometimes on the same tree.

Two trees right next to each other.

My favorite shot. A tree partially burnt but not bright orange, right next to scorched ground.

My brother has already lost one house to fire, so we really were concerned about this one. It all turned out fine in the end, and there were a lot of thankful people in that neighborhood afterwards!