Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 4

May 3
This day, I wore a sundress I got in July of last year and never wore. Where am I going to wear a sundress in Alaska?! But, I was able to wear it in Hawaii and no one looked at me twice :)

We meant to go to church, but we couldn't find one close. Except for a Catholic one, but we weren't going to go there :P By morning's end, we figured out the bus schedule, and after butchering the name to the bus driver (Hawaiian words are confusing at first!) we were on our way to the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

The Ala Moana Center is the largest open air mall in the US. And my goodness, it is huge. We had a map of the whole place, and still got lost.

I wanted photos, but my small camera's batteries were dead. This one will have to do. I didn't want to use the big camera in such a huge crowd.

We walked into the food court and were astounded. The place was HUGE. Wikipedia says that it has one of the largest food courts in the world. There had to have been over 1000 people in there, if not 2000. Literally, it was so packed. We had Panda Express :)

I wanted to go to the Godiva chocolate store. For being such a well known brand, the amount of their selections were so so. The truffles sell for $44 a pound! My work's truffles go for $31! I bought several weird flavors - e.g. Strawberry Banana. After eating several, I still like my work's more. :)

We went into several stores, but the only other one I bought something in was Ritz Camera! I bought a cheap tripod there, and some lens cleaning stuffs.

We then navigated our way out and onto a bus after a bit to head back to Waikiki. After a brief respite, we headed back out. We went to the International Marketplace to check it out. We were intrigued by it. There, a man was trying to sell us a tour discount thing, and asked "You are both at least 25, right?" What is it with people and our age?
And also, everyone thought we were on our honeymoon. Random people on the street, our bus driver (posting about next). Just weird. Us, the old married couple of 13 months :P

Anyway, on our way out of the marketplace, we saw a street vendor drawing caricatures. C was intrigued. We made our way to watch the sunset and decided to go seek the man out after the sun was gone (which wasn't long [my goodness, the sunsets are super quick in Hawaii as well!]).

C's brother and sister in law got a caricature on their honeymoon 6 years ago. Ever since, C always wanted to get one.

When we walked up, the man was just waiting for victims just like us. He asked for donations, and his asking price was less than we expected, but when we were finished, we went above that, as it was so fun and good.

I got to sit first, and it turns out that he was a really nice guy, and a lot of fun to talk to. He made comments about how we were easy to paint because we were so pale :P (2 days later, we dropped back by him after we were bright pink with sunburn). I didn't get his name, unfortunately, but I think I found him: Bill McQ. The description sounds just like him.

C was next and by this point, it was dark. Many onlookers would come by and murmur about it, and point at me (I was completed in it). We said our goodbyes, and loved our picture, grinning the whole way to the hotel.

Tuesday, I went to the drugstore here and brought the picture in to look for a frame. While I was there, the girl who rang me up saw it and exclaimed over it. I told her I got it in Hawaii, and she got even more excited: "I was just in Hawaii and almost got one of those done in Waikiki!" So ironic, and a small world!