Monday, May 25, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 6

May 5
Our last day in Hawaii :(

We trekked down to the library again. (We had gone on Monday, I forgot to write about it, and it was closed) We got in this time, and it turns out that you had to be a library member to use the computers, and it cost money! So, it was back to the hotel to get internet. $3.14 later, I checked the essentials - email and Facebook :P

We left the hotel and got some Coldstone ice cream :) Mint chocolate chip with brownie, fudge sauce and cookie dough. A bit overpowering, but good.

This was the day we decided that we would get tan. We didn't wear sunscreen (mistake) and headed to the beach after we got done with our ice cream.

We had only been out in the sun a little while, when we decided to go swimming. After all, it was our last day in Hawaii. C had been wanting to go, but I hadn't been planning on it. But once it came right down to it, I was all for it. I went out first so C could watch our stuff and the water was really cold! But after dunking myself, I was fine. I finally convinced C to come out at the same time with me. It's the first time we've gone swimming together! It was a lot of fun!

I don't know when we went outside, but it was 2pm by the time we got out of the water and headed back to the hotel for a shower to get the salt water off of us. By the time we got to the hotel, we could see our skin turning bright pink and then red, but it was too late :P

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner! I'd been wanting to go to one ever since I read a someone blogging about the place. The menu is literally a book! We got one plate of food - a chicken dish with a mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes. It was sooo good! We also got a layered piece of chocolate cake...but we didn't make much progress with it from being full :(

We headed to the beach for the sunset. Our last one in Hawaii :(

Back to the marketplace for the last time. C wanted to find some gifts for family. He was pretty insistant on me getting a tropical dress. I thought it was weird, but finally convinced him that I wouldn't wear it once we got back home. None of them really stood out to me as being one that I would love to wear.

We went into Payless shoes real quick so C could look for work shoes. He didn't find any, but I found some flip flops that were amazing. They were mens, and super comfy. I came away with shoes and no dress, and I was happy. Those flip flops saved my feet that night. My cheap Old Navy flipflops were killing my feet from all the walking we did.

And it was back to the hotel one final time. We had to get up super early to catch our flight :(