Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hawaii Photos: Day 1

I'm finally working on blogging the photos from our trip!

This was shot from our plane. I took several shots for about an hour, and this is probably my favorite. There are specks from the window on the shot, and I think they give it character. But the sun shining on the ocean was an amazing sight to behold.

I have always loved hibiscuses and I am not really sure why. But when I came across one at the Honolulu Zoo, I knew I must take a shot of it!

Sunset on Kuhio Beach. C and I were not really that impressed with the Hawaiian sunsets. The sun always managed to turn an amazing red color, but the sky didn't change too much. At least compared to Alaskan sunsets, that is!

Nighttime on Kuhio Beach. This is looking out towards Waikiki Beach and to the Hilton. My second real night shot.