Saturday, May 2, 2009

On 3 bloggers

I'd been meaning to post on these blogs for some time now, and just have not.

Angie at
Bring the Rain is in India as I write this, with Compassion International. Her post she wrote on Tuesday about meeting a boy that she sponsored made me cry. Each of her posts are heartfelt and heartwrenching at times.

Shaun Groves is also in India on the same trip. He is a Christian recording artist who has been endorsing Compassion for a while now, and it is an incredible story, really. He makes some really insightful posts often with a bit of off the wall humor thrown in. I just wanted to make you aware of these two bloggers in particular that I have been following if you are interested.

And lastly, Abraham Piper is the son of John Piper. He has an intriguing blog that operates under the idea that most people read the first 22 words of a post and either keep going or tune out. So he only posts 22 words to make his points. Some are profound, and some are amusing. Take a look!