Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 5

May 4
Monday morning, C and I couldn't decide where to have breakfast, so I got pancakes from McD's and he got something from Burger King and we ate it in BK. Kinda funny.

We spent a bit of time at the beach this morning, just hanging out and my taking photos. We got super warm in the sun, though and went back to the hotel. At 11:30ish, we left and got on a shuttle bus to start our island tour. We got onto this tiny little bus that held about 8 people, and the bus driver was super quiet. C and I were a bit...concerned that our tour would be a really boring ride. And we were the first people on and only 2 guys got picked up after us. I was disappointed as we drove through the streets of Honolulu.

And then, about 40 minutes into it, I realized that we were being dropped off along with another tour. We had opted to go on the cheaper and shorter tour of 2, and it looked like we hadn't missed much. It was nice to meet our real tour guide, who was a lot of fun.

So we were off. Our first real stop was at the Dole Plantation. Everything is pineapple themed there. Too bad C and I could care less about pineapples :P Our bus driver bought a bag of dried pineapple chunks that he passed down the bus, and I discovered they were delicious. I got some at another stop :)

Us at the Dole Plantation
Next, we started our journey to the North Shore. We stopped at two beaches with incredible waves. Sunset Beach and....I forget. But the waves were just amazing. C and I were in awe at their power. C got a bag of sand at one of the them, and the sand is super cool!

Photo by Greg, our tour guide
Anyway. We were on our way, and stopped at several places to get photos. We also went to a store that sold macadamia nut coffee. I tried some, and it was rather dull. I hate coffee, but this wasn't even interesting. I bought pineapple chunks there :) Our last real stop was at the Pali Lookout. Incredible views there. C was in his element exploring the little alcoves around.

C at the Pali Lookout
Our driver dropped us off at our hotel and we got ready for dinner. We ate at a little restaurant with a 1950s (or so) theme. It was fun :)

We went back to the Marketplace again, and wandered a bit. We ran into some of the guys who had been on our bus tour earlier, so that was fun :)

When we left, we stopped to watch a street vendor who was causing a scene. "Basketball Man" ended up putting on a fun show, and had a huge crowd gathered to watch. It was more fun just to listen to him pump himself up, but he did have some cool tricks. We watched for probably a half hour (weird, I know) and then headed back the hotel for bed.