Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Holiday Weekend

Holiday weekends are never a holiday in the tourist business. Memorial Weekend is no exception. Saturday was frantically busy at work. Sunday, not as much, but steady. And Monday? Not even close.

Sunday night, I made C come with me to the two beaches in town. One beach was converged upon by motorhomes, so that was out. We went back to the second beach, and there were several campfires and picnics. But it was windy. We watched some kites being flown and turned around and came home.

The sunsets nowadays are hitting 11pm. I have pretty much given up on catching any for the summer. The direction the sun sets in the sky is just far enough that I have to drive about 12-15 minutes away from our place to see it. Which I am not usually willing to do at 11pm! But Sunday night, I looked out the window at 10:35, and the clouds were a lovely shade of pink. So I hopped in the car, (by myself, mind you) and drove to the lookout where I knew I could see the sun set. I could just barely watch the end of it. It was a nice jaunt, but a bit chilly after the sunset. I got home about 11:15, when I needed to go to bed to be up by 7.

C had Monday off, and I didn't. I had the morning shift yesterday, and by the time the day wore on, there were 3 of us there plus my boss. We had few customers, as everyone was heading back up the road to head to work today. My coworkers and I started working on the projects a bit too much, not leaving anything for the next couple of days. Boss walks up to me, and says "Well, why don't you go home? There's no point in there being 4 of us here. Besides, C's at home. Go have some fun with him!"

I was a bit surprised, but pleased. It took me about a half hour after that to finally leave, but I still left 1.5 hours early. That was nice!

It was a gorgeously beautiful outside, but pretty windy. I drug C outside with me and we wanted to find a more calm place to take photos. We drove out to the Spit and stepped out of the car. It was so windy! People were fishing like there was no tomorrow, but I hopped back into the car.

Me and the mountains
We went to the other beach, and ended up walking along a trail that I haven't done in years. There were several cranes and ducks out in the swampy areas. None were close enough for me to really get a good shot of any of them, but I tried :P We left after a bit and headed to our small group meeting.

I kept hearing people talking about Memorial Day barbecues and such. I was a bit saddened that I wouldn't be participating in one until I thought about it and realized that our small group was having one. I don't know why that didn't register, but whatever.

We had a great time with 8 families. Half of us ate outside, in the wind and sunshine, and the other half ate inside. It ended up being C and I and the families with kids old enough to run around :P

The 3 kids and their pushki swords :P
The 3 oldest were given dead pushki sticks to run around with. Not really the smartest idea as all are under the age of 4, but it turned out ok :P All in all, it was a fun evening!

We came home about 9pm, and it was still really warm out. I wanted to do something with friends, but no one was available at that time of night :P Usually someone is, I just never take them up on the offer! I ended up reading a book and finishing it at 2am (it was a 980 page book I started on our trip). C and I woke up at 11:30. And it's another gorgeous day today! I have made tentative plans with a friend for later today. I can't wait!