Saturday, May 16, 2009


I got off of work tonight and ventured outside with my camera. I was happily taking photos of the tree near our place which has steadily been sprouting buds and now leaves. And then I turned to look at the hillside. I grinned. The hill is green again! Or rather, becoming green.

While we were in Hawaii, I bought a cheap tripod, and while I figured out how to work it there, I didn't actually play with it with the camera until tonight. I'm glad I got it!

This is cow parsnip, or "pushki" (not sure of the spelling of that). This is an evil weed that grows everywhere and does not die, no matter how many times it is weed whacked and if touched, can cause burns. You know it's summer when it arrives.

Here's our tree on Tuesday, right after we came home. Just starting to sprout leaves.

Same tree, not the same branch tonight.

I can't wait until everything is green. And then I will take photos of it all gleefully :) Our daylight keeps getting longer and longer. The sun is setting at 10:45 tonight. Last night, C and I sat down at 11:45 to watch a Voyager episode, and with the lights off and blinds down, I could still see the trees outside in the dusk. Although the morning sunshine at 5:30 is not so nice!

Summer's here!