Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 7

May 6
A day of nothing.

We had to get up at 3AM. Our bus picked us up at 4AM to catch our 7AM flight. We were pretty out of it. When we got to the airport, we had to put our baggage through a agricultural scan thing. Except it didn't open until 5AM. We had to stand around for a bit to wait, which was irritating, but we made it through with flying colors.

It was all rather uneventful. I didn't even take any photos. We had a 5 hour flight over to Los Angeles, with a 3 hour time change as well. C and I hung out in LAX for a while. Books are life savers!! Once, while we were waiting in the terminal, an alarm started going off. It was really loud, and all of the airport workers didn't look concerned, nor did it appear that they were doing anything about it. But it went on for at least 2 or 3 minutes, and was starting to hurt my ears when they finally turned it off.

At 8pm or so, we boarded our plane bound for Redding, where my family lives. I finished my book on the plane, so I had 45 minutes to stare out the window at the black night sky and city lights below.

At 10pm, we were picked up by our good friend from Alaska, Bill. He took us to his house where we crashed for the night. And it was very, very strange, because there were 3 couples from home there - including my in laws. We knew they would be there, but it was still strange to see them there.

Those 3 couples were attending a leadership conference at Bethel Church. We stayed up late with them, as they talked about their experiences, and we listened to tapes of what happened at the conference, but C and I were so tired!

But it was really nice to be with familiar faces again!