Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthday recap

I turned 21 yesterday. Usually, birthdays don't make me feel any older, but I actually did for this one a bit. Like, now I can get a hotel room for sure on my own.

Anyway, the day started off with me winning a camera on ebay! $445, which was about the lowest I saw on the internet. I also spent the day trying to be artistic with my camera...

Then two good friends called, which made me happy. Also got a call from my sister and my niece!

C and I went bowling with the Red Head and the Canadian. Some other friends were there as well, so we did a bit of socializing, but not too much, just bowling! My mom came to town and stuck her head in to say hi.

We played two games and I managed to just barely win the second game, but not with any skill, especially because the boys ended up just playing around that game and trying left handed bowling, bowling under their legs, etc.

After bowling, we went out for pizza and bread sticks at our favorite pizza place. And from there, we went up to the Red Head's house to make a cake and watched a movie.

All in all, it was a very fun day and I am 21!