Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring break Laziness

Today has been a very lazy day. Youth group is a movie night tonight, so we decided to stay home and recuperate from my birthday. I have basically spent the entire day on the computer...what else is new?! We finally purchased our tickets for our vacation today. Ended up saving about $200 from what I was initially looking at, too. So that is a huge relief for me. We looked into some more attractions to go see, as well. The next step is looking into hotels. I spent several hours today reading reviews...which are kind of a pain. People can be so critical of nit picky things that I really don't care about. I think we've decided on one, but I'm not positive yet.

I also spent a fair amount of time looking at camera bags on the internet. I was looking at big ones that can hold everything - lenses, battery chargers, etc, or just a simple bag that holds the camera and a lens. I think that is what I am leaning towards at that point. It's very obnoxious, though, when I don't have the camera yet, and all the options are different. I am tempted to drive up the road to go check out what Freddies has...but I'm not going to have a chance to for a few more days.

I've done a bit of scrapbooking since it's spring break. It's so nice :) But now I'm dreading Monday when I have to be productive again.

So that has been the sum of my Wednesday. Hope it hasn't been too boring :)