Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome to Ethan!

First off, congratulations to my friends Chris and Lori on the birth of Ethan last night!

Yesterday, in the mail, we received one of those Nielsen TV rating packets. Kind of a joke, since we don't even have a TV. C and I were sitting together as I opened it, and we both jumped when 5 $1 bills fell out. They are a thank you for returning the information, even if you don't do the whole don't throw those packets away!!

Went shopping with my mom today and picked these goodies up...a $2 kite! A shovel to take to the beach (C was not impressed in the least by it..:( ), a friendship wall hanging to put up with my friend photos, and a whole bunch of chocolate marshmellow eggs! Those things are divine.

Someone was actually having a garage sale today! (Alaskans don't have garage sales in the winter) and I picked up a pitcher, a tupperware container, 2 baskets that can be hung on the wall, and some wrapping paper.

I had Subway as a last minute dinner option. I had never had the soup from there, and it was pretty tasty.

I picked up C from work (even though he drove this morning) and we went up to the hospital to go see the new baby! Mom, Dad and baby all seemed to be doing well. It was good to get to say hello and see the baby not even a day old yet.

Now it's off to another week! Happy almost Monday!