Monday, March 16, 2009

Early Birthday Present

My husband is buying me the best birthday present ever!

The last time I went to see the eagles, I started really wanting a nicer camera. My point and shoot is great...but it is lacking a lot. And then he told me basically, "in your dreams." As I stated a few posts back, I have been developing my techniques a bit better, and understanding how and hat makes better photos from the camera.

I was explaining to C a few nights back that someday I really do want a better camera. I don't want a super pro one, just at least a DSLR. I talked about how I've been learning new things in the past couple of weeks, and really putting them into practice. How my camera is just not going to cut it when I really want to capture something. I made the argument that I have more than gotten my moneys worth out of my point and shoot by using it every day, and that a nicer camera would not change that. I was about to say that I would somehow save up for one on my own when C said, " can get one."

Yippee!! That was pretty shocking to me :P I told him that I wanted to save up for one on my own, and he laughingly was like, "How are you going to do that? It's our money" (Big inside joke - when we first got my name on his bank account, I kept referring to our separate accounts as mine and his and the banker lady kept reiterating "No, it's OUR money." Slightly obnoxious, but a big joke now.) And so he had a point there :P After debating on where to take the money from, we decided from our tax refund we just got.

The next morning I researched and researched some more on what I wanted. I'm bidding on cameras on ebay as we speak. Kind of risky, but I do my homework :P I decided on the Canon Rebel XS. It's the cheapest Canon DSLR, but it is powerful enough for what I want to do with it. I don't want to be "professional." This is a hobby for me. While I may purchase lenses and other equipment, I'm not going to go crazy buying a super expensive camera I don't know how to use. The Rebel XS is still pretty basic, but nice for what it is.

So that's my news :) C decided it was a good birthday present for me. One of my friends who doesn't take pictures of hardly anything was given a Rebel for Christmas by her fiance. We were not really impressed, but C was disappointed that he hadn't thought of it on his own for me.

I have been bidding on ebay for 3 days or so, and am trying to get a cheaper price than the $440 I have come across so far. But it may come down to that if I can't get one in the next couple days. I'm sure you will all hear all about it when it arrives!