Sunday, March 29, 2009


Each year, the high school choir puts on a musical. And each year, it is always exceptional. The kids are always great at their characters, and everyone does an amazing job. This year, they did Godspell. I did not know anything about it, but decided it would be worth it to go anyway. And, of course it was!

Saturday night, ee ended up sitting on the third row, which ended up being perfect for me to take photos! I was not planning on doing so, but I had to take advantage of it. I brought only my point and shoot, since my XS is a bit noisy with the shutter and all.

The director.

This scene was great! They did this dance routine, and it was choreographed, yet, each of the kids did their own thing slightly, so it was a lot more interesting.

We loved the supergirl outfit!

These were my favorites that I took. I linked to them from FB for convenience since I uploaded them all there. Thanks everyone for an amazing performance!