Friday, March 27, 2009

Ash Photos

A cloud of ash, before it dumped on us.

Us with out ridiculous dust masks on :)

Before the ash started really falling.

The brunt of the ash we got. The photo does not really capture it. But the snow just looked gross!

Stolen from Facebook. At a friend's house in my hometown. I think they got it worse than we did.

And my windshield on my car. I had to wash it off this morning. Otherwise it scratches the glass. The car wash last night had lines of cars. Insanity. I hope this is the only ash we get. (haha) My town only momentarily stopped for this event. But I don't want to go outside in this! Nor do I want it to to continue long enough to affect our vacation!

It snowed this morning, so the ash in my backyard is covered up. But you can still see it everywhere in town and where the snow has been churned up.