Friday, March 6, 2009


The big news in our world today is that we are going on a vacation!! We had been talking about it off and on for months, and finally, in January, decided we would do it. We decided on dates, and I gave C a paper with the dates on it to submit the paperwork at his work. Enter a week a half of forgetfulness. I would talk to him while he was at work, and he would be ready to do it right then, and by the time I was off the phone, he would have a customer. That's how it was for nearly 2 weeks. Then, come to find out, the manager in charge of giving clearance on the paperwork was gone for 3 weeks.

Oh, I was unhappy. Very much so, but there was nothing we could do. Other options were not in the best interest of everyone else, so we waited. Or rather, I waited, C more just forgot about it, again.

And then, lo and behold, said manager appeared at work yesterday! C called me this morning with news that the paperwork went through, and now we can buy tickets!

Thankfully, the ticket prices have not changed in the past month!

We are looking at going to Redding, California to see my family that C has not met yet, and to Hawaii. I doubt that we will be able to rent a car due to our ages, so we are thinking of sticking around in Honolulu. We need suggestions on places to go that are good distances for walking. If Honolulu is not a good choice for this, we'd love to know.

I called my grandma this morning to tell her the news and she was thrilled and very surprised. I don't think she expected us to come see her anytime soon. :)

Anymore recommendations or thoughts would be very appreciated!