Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Camera goodies

My birthday is next week, and I told C to get me something off my Amazon list for it. He hadn't done so yet, but today I went above and beyond what we were going to spend.

Last night, I realized that either one set of my rechargeable batteries or the charger itself was bad. So I added a newer charger with batteries to my cart for myself. And then I decided to look at some more SD cards for our upcoming trip - at $5.50ish a piece for 2GB, plus shipping, I figured we could handle two of those. And I also added a USB SD card reader. My parents have one, but I don't. My SD card reader in my computer tower is not working that well, so I've wanted an external one.

Those are my incoming goodies in the next week or so. I'm excited, but also wary of wearing my batteries down on my camera!