Monday, March 2, 2009

Adios Accounting 312

It's been a hard decision to make, but I dropped my Accounting 312 class. That class has tormented me the past 7 weeks beyond belief. I have had more tears over that class than I have over school in a long time. After an email with my professor, I dropped the class. We only got 4 chapters into it, and I only ended up reading 2.5 of them. It was really a nightmare, and 3 of the 4 all dealt with bonds....something I never have thought about before...but they are not my friends now or ever.

A few weeks back I seriously considered changing my emphasis from accounting altogether, but I have come to a decision for now that I can still accomplish my goals. It may take longer than 4.5 years, and it might cost more money, but it's hard work taking 4 classes online at a time!

  • I have to wait until Spring 2010 to take this over again.
  • I will likely forget a lot of the material.
  • Makes the end of this degree that much farther off.
  • A withdrawal on my transcript.

  • Much, much less stress in my life right now.
  • I will have more time to prepare and get ready to focus on it later.
  • I have a chance at a better grade next time.
  • More time to be more proactive about learning about bonds for later.
  • Same textbook and same edition in a year (wow!)
  • Supportive teacher still willing to help me.
  • More time to excel in other 3 classes.
  • More time to be a good wife and friend.
I can tell that I will likely be beating myself up over this for the next year, wondering if I could have passed with a C, whether it would have become more clear to me, etc. But at the same time, I feel much more free now. It almost feels like the end of the semester (ha, ha) for me, a giddy feeling. My other 3 classes are still challenging, of course, but I definitely feel that I can dedicate more time to them. My grades in 2 of them were suffering from my Accounting class.

That's my story from the past several days. I really do hate to be a quitter, despite constantly talking about it. But I think, for the time being, this was a right decision to make. I'm pretty sure my attitude has shifted and I think C would agree that I am a bit more pleasant now!