Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nasty Ice

Tuesday we did not leave our apartment. Well, we did, but not to drive anywhere. We noticed the windows were pretty heavily frosted, but were not concerned. Fast forward 24+ hours. It had been snowing/raining outside, but we didn't think about what that could mean. We went outside to head to youth group at 6:45...and the ice was caked on. It had frozen so hard that it took about 10 minutes of defrosting to be able to really make a quick difference. In the photo above, you can really see how thick that ice was.

Nevertheless, the streets were really slick. We made it home in one piece and today's weather is barely different. It's just warmed up about 10 degrees, so the water falling from the sky is not freezing. The roads are a slushy, puddle-y mess. It will all likely freeze tonight.