Friday, March 13, 2009

Character Codenames

I figured it might be good for everyone to see a list of who I mention in my blog and what their relationship is with me. Some of these are not current right at this point in time (coworkers mainly) but in a few months, will be.

Note: there are more people in my life, more family members, etc. I most often refer to these individuals here in more of a code. I'm excluding my side of the family pretty much, because there are only one of each of them. (Don't feel left out, this means you are less confusing :) ) C has 5 brothers, and it is hard to differentiate between them. I also talk about my coworkers often, and there are many of them.

C - My husband
Mom - My mother
Dad - My father
MIL - Mother in Law
FIL - Father in law
BIL 1 - Late 20s. Lives in the state. Has 2 little girls we see often.
BIL 2 - Mid 20s. Lives out of state. Has 1 little girl.
BIL 3 - Newly married. 2 years older than C. Lives in town.
BIL 4 - 16. Lives at home. See at least 2x a week.
BIL 5 - 10. Lives at home. See often.
SIL - C's Sister. 17.5, see at least 2x a week. Lives at home.
SIL K - BIL 3's wife
Ex SIL - BIL 2's ex-wife. We see her often. Mom to his daughter.

Boss - My boss who happens to be a good friend
Red Headed Friend/Coworker Red - Friend I work with sometimes
Coworker JB - Has 2 kids
Coworker M - Older, doesn't usually work in summer.
Coworker G - My age.
Coworker JW - Has 1 baby
Coworker D - Younger, in high school still.

Friends (Ones I hang out with often or refer to)
The Armenian - Webmaster C works with. Proud of his heritage.
The Canadian - Coworker Red's boyfriend, from Canada.
Lin - Friend since kindergarten.

Hopefully this is not too much more confusing than it already is. Feel free to ask for clarification if needed :)