Saturday, March 7, 2009


I got a surprise early birthday present in the mail last night from my sister. She purchased a digital camera book from my Amazon wishlist. I read a lot of it before bed, and a lot before work this morning, and then finished it after work. The purpose of the book was not to be an in depth study in DSLR's, but rather tips and techniques.

I spent the first hour of work this morning running around with my camera, playing with aperture and shutter speed on random merchandise. :P It was a real learning experience for me, to really attempt to understand what a lot of the buttons and settings mean, and to also realize when to use each feature. Now, I do not have a DSLR...I have a Canon point and shoot. I have wanted a better camera for a while now, but I was not sure that I would actually use the settings. Now that I have experienced different results, and seen how to get those results with a fancy camera, I think that I would use it. I am eager to try out my new (but very rough) skills on actual images I want to keep. It's scary to see how expensive a hobby it really is. I can't foresee myself doing photography for money, even to just sell prints. I've seen, from my business classes, what a headache it can be, and I want no part!

My point being, I would love an amazing camera, and to be a better photographer, but it will take some savings :P Someday, I will have a nice camera. Someday.