Thursday, March 19, 2009

Link Love

Now it's time for another link love post....several months after I last did one...

Go Girl - Very strange thing I came across today...basically a cup for women to urinate in. Interesting idea I guess...

Fabulous Finacial's Emergency Planning Kit - A handy list of things it might be nice to have on hand.

Shade Clothing - modest clothing company. I really like the tank tops and camisoles. I'm thinking about getting one or two.

Google Holiday Logos - I don't know about you, but I love to see all the interesting ideas Google comes up with for their logo on holidays.

Wearable Airbag for the Elderly - Interesting idea.

To Improve your Marriage, Be Quiet - Older article that I found fascinating.

20 Architectural and Graphic Optical Illusions - Very well done!

How Stay at Home Moms improve Family Finances - For those skeptics out there

Ping Pong Balls Saved her Life - Modern medicine can't fix all :)

Photo: PacMan ghosts in the snow - Fun photo

Lunch Bag Art
- A fun blog of a dad who draws on his kids' lunch bags every night

Are we too clean for our own good?
- A sobering read on germs

Health paradoxes around the world - Strange things in different cultures that make you curious as to modern medicine's accuracy.

9 Year old boy writes dating book
- Cute read

Man's photo in Iron Man - Awesome story! A man had no idea that his photo was in Iron Man, despite repeated attempted contact about it.

Lady washing...a turd - Amusing story about potty training.

Puppies save boy - Older story now, but timeless. 2 puppies saved a boy in the freezing woods :)

An alarm clock that runs away
- I would loathe having one of these, but it's a very funny idea!

New Expansion Underway - Clever post on a man's pregnant wife.

Two girls painting their faces - Two little girls put blue makeup all over their faces. Amusing.

I think that is enough for now!