Friday, March 6, 2009


That freezing rain we had this past week really transformed the snow. I've heard numerous people say they have never seen anything like it. And I haven't either. The snow is a glossy sheet of ice. It's a shimmery, almost watery looking, beautiful, yet not safe =P Driving tonight at sunset, the bright colors in the sky looked great as we passed flat stretches of "fields" of snow, shiny in all their glory. You can even see reflections in the snow.. I tried to capture it multiple times, but it was not easy.

We went to a housewarming for one of C's coworkers tonight. It was a last minute decision to go, but it was fun. I pretty much stayed the wallflower (when do I not) while C was social, and he took off with the camera most of the time, which is a change. I got at least 2 comments on how lucky I was to have him as a husband, etc, which was cool :) The house was built for a lady who has been in a beat up, leaky trailer for a long time, and she really needed and deserved a new house. It's very cute and good for her. Seeing a nicely done place, all cute and quaint, made me want my my own place. Someday!