Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Work Wednesday

Every couple of days or so, we get some really weird people in my work. Today's couple took the cake for the past week.

They drove into the parking lot in an older car. I thought that it was a strange vehicle to take up the AlCan.

They walked in and looked a bit eccentric but I didn't think anything of it.

I should have known something was up when the wife came up to me with a Tshirt display. We have 1 of each T neatly attached to a piece of cardboard and each display is above each stack of shirts.

"Is this on sale? I didn't see it on the sale rack."
"No, it isn't. Did you see the pile on the shelf?"

That was a no, so I took her to our clothing room and showed her the stack of shirts. She wanted to know the pice, which was $14.50. She was disappointed that it wasn't on sale. I thought that was odd, but I forgot about it when her husband ran up to me.

He was the touchy feeling and teasing type. Which is obnoxious when you are trying to do your job.

"Now, darling, I was up here 2 years ago and I just drove 3500 miles to get a leather hat, and there aren't any left!"

I explained that everything sells quickly and we get new merchandise every year. But he was indignant, yet in a cheerful way, and with a punch to my shoulder, and calling me a "kid" he walked off.

I exited the clothing room and went back to my perch at the till.

Soon, the wife came to me with four of those t shirts. She wanted to know where her husband was, because she was afraid it was too expensive. She then informed me "when we were here 2 years ago, there were 2 of these shirts on the sale rack for $9 and I bought both of them. I loved the one I bought for me! But these aren't on sale?"

I reiterated that no, they weren't on sale. Who remembers the price of a tshirt 2 years down the road?

The husband walked up with 2 placemats and 2 hats, neither 1 the design he wanted

I rang them up and placed the purchases in a single large bag. The woman piped up "Do you have a bigger bag? I need to save space in the car!"

"Well, I just have a ginormous paper bag. No bigger plastic ones."
"Can I have another plastic one? Then I could have 2 stacks in the car instead of one!"

I sent them on their way, grateful they were out of my hair. I dread 2 years down the road when they come again!