Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 8

I just realized that I had stopped with these recaps! If you will recall, the last day I covered was the night we got into California. The day of nothing.

May 7
We woke up pretty early to the sound of everyone stirring around the house. C played with the 3 year old of the family we were staying with, and I sat around, chatting with the wife. My in laws and the other couples went for breakfast somewhere. When they came back, they took us down the freeway. I guided my FIL to my uncle's ranch where my in laws got to meet my grandparents.

My in laws were headed down the highway a few more hours, so they left promptly, and we got settled in. Grandpa took us on a tour of the place, for C's benefit mainly, and I took the camera along, snapping shots as we went.

C played with about 3 of the 6 dogs there. He paid for it later that night (allergies) but it was well worth it in the fun that he had.

We had a big family dinner that night, with all 4 family units in California there, plus us 2. It was good to see everyone, but I really didn't get any photos. The sunset that night was pretty cool, though!

C hardly slept that night from his allergies, but it was still nice to be back with family.