Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Sales

I got up pretty early this morning to hit the "Mother of all yard sales." Seriously, that is what they were touting it as in the paper and on the signs all around town. So, I had to go =P I drove up the hill and was shocked to see 2 lines of cars, at least 1000 feet worth parked on the sides of the road, restricting traffic to one lane - barely. It was insane. And there were more cars in the driveway. It was a pretty nice garage sale, but by the time I got there (30 minutes after it started, mind you) the really good stuff was already sold, taunting everyone with the "sold" stickers all over them.

I left there, and finally made it back down the hill. Seriously, the traffic through that was terrible. But I made it and drove to a couple more sales. I ended up with a fancy little basket with a cloth lining (not sure of its purpose yet, but I got it for a buck) and 2 badminton rackets in fairly good condition. Then I headed to my work to kill some time. I wandered around the place, taking photos of the newly planted flowers and such.

Work was boring. My boss decided to let me leave work early to go to the tail end of Coworker M's son's wedding. C came through when he was finished with work at 5, and went over to the reception. I finally got to the reception at 6:30...only to find that the wedding that had started at 3pm was already over and done with! The groom and bride had left about 20 minutes prior and the only ones left were the families and bridal party! And they were cleaning up. I was pretty disappointed. I was hoping to at least see the happy couple. I actually hardly know them at all, so it's ok, but I was looking forward to it!

Ah well. So here I am. I am catching up on editing photos from the past week. Tonight I am headed up the hill to take photos of the moonrise!